Human Performance Monitor (HPM): Electronics and Sensor Platforms

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In this project, the team led by Binghamton University will fabricate and performance-test a version of the HPM that will be an integration of the Electronics and Biometric Sensor Platforms. The Electronics Platform will include a flexible substrate, battery, processor, communications, and interface unit. The Biometric Sensor Platform will include sensors to record temperature and ECG from which heart rate will be calculated. Tests will be performed to determine if the HPM will be fabricated from Electronics and Sensor Platforms on separate substrates laminated together, or printed and assembled sequentially on the same substrate. The electronics will be tested for noise levels and power consumption. Circuits will be optimized and if necessary components with improved characteristics selected. Electronics will be assembled on flexible substrates by soldering or by metal pastes. Bonds for the different procedures will be evaluated. Sensors will be printed and tested on a flexible substrate and will include a thermistor and ECG electrodes. A second LED based heart rate sensor will be evaluated. Power consumption will be optimized, and monitored as a function of measurement frequency to determine on/off time protocols. Peak current demands will also be evaluated. The LED sensor for heart rate will be evaluated for power consumption and if it is found to be too power intensive it will be eliminated before the build stages of the project. If it is included, its performance relative to the ECG electrodes for heart rate and interbeat interval will be evaluated. Circuit performance and data transmission to a local network will be evaluated using ECG signals from our database before establishing final manufacturing protocols and executing the manufacturing run. Heart rate will be calculated and data transmitted to the local network will be compared to the database signal.


  • Dr. James Turner (S3IP)] (PI)
  • Dr. Stephen Czarnecki (S3IP) (co-PI)
  • Prof. Ana Claudia Arias (UC-Berkeley) (co-PI)
  • Frank Egitto (i3 Electronics Inc) (co-PI)
  • Prof. Kanad Ghose (CS)
  • Prof. Mark Poliks (SSIE)
  • Prof. Zhanpeng Jin (ECE)