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Course Description[edit]

This course will provide an overview of the MOS transistor, circuit characterization and performance estimation. CMOS logic and structured design: electrical design of logic circuits, clocking strategies and design rules. CMOS systems and RISC architectures.

  • Objectives:
    • Ability to understand the functions and the properties of CMOS devices, combinational gates, and sequential circuits
    • Ability to analyze the performance and power consumption of a digital VLSI circuit using proper device and interconnect models
    • Ability to design functional units such as adders and multipliers using CMOS devices
    • Ability to optimize a digital circuit with respect to different quality metrics such as cost, speed, power dissipation, and reliability
    • Ability to use Cadence layout design tool and HSPICE for VLSI circuit design and analysis
  • Topics:
    • CMOS transistors and gates
    • CMOS fabrication and manufacturing process
    • Cadence and HSPICE tutorial
    • Combinational/sequential logic gates
    • Designing arithmetic blocks
    • Dynamic CMOS logic
    • Designing memory blocks
    • Deep submicron issues
    • Design verification
    • Design for low power
    • Packaging and I/Os

All course announcements, lecture slides, assignments, and projects will be made available on Blackboard, please frequently check the site and contact the instructor if there is any question.

Background Requirements[edit]

This class demands backgrounds in digital circuit design (EECE 351), computer architecture and organization (EECE 352), hardware design using Hardware Description Language (e.g., Verilog/VHDL) (EECE 573), and fundamentals of CMOS VLSI circuits (EECE 574).


Prof. Zhanpeng Jin
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Email: zjin at binghamton dot edu (preferred)
Phone: 607-777-3363


  • Lecture: Wednesday 6:00pm ― 9:00pm @ ECE Hugo Conference Room
  • Office Hours: Wednesday 3:00pm ― 5:00pm @ ES-2306


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