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Course Description[edit]

This course will provide an overview of the components of system on a chip (SOC) design from initial architectural choices to SOC implementation issues (e.g., performance, core selection, operating system requirements, on-chip communication networks, power management, package constraints, cost). Also covered are SoC design and implementation processes (e.g., functional integration, simulation, floor planning, clocking strategies, timing, design for test).

All course announcements, lecture slides, assignments, and papers to review will be made available at the course web page and Blackboard, please frequently check these sites and contact the instructor if there is any question.

Prerequisites: EECE 351 and 252 or equivalent.


Prof. Zhanpeng Jin
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Email: zjin at binghamton dot edu (preferred)
Phone: 607-777-3363


  • Lecture: Monday/Wednesday 6:15pm―7:40pm @ Science 2-337
  • Office Hours: Wednesday 4:00pm―6:00pm @ ES-2306


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