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Course Description[edit]

This seminar course concentrates on the discussion of emerging biometrics and user authentication technologies on mobile devices. Given the increasing advances of mobile and wearable technologies in people’s daily life, many new biometrics and authentication techniques are being explored and developed. Specifically, this seminar will review, discuss, and characterize a set of emerging biometrics (e.g., behavioral patterns, heart beats, brain activity, etc.). The seminar will also explore recent research efforts and commercially available techniques on mobile user authentication and discuss their applicability and limitations (e.g., fingerprint, face, iris, and voice, etc.). By the end of the seminar, students will learn how to evaluate (i.e., performance metrics) and design user authentication systems using biometrics. The following topics will be covered:

  1. Emerging biometrics (physiological, bio-signals, behaviors, etc.).
  2. Mobile user authentication techniques.
  3. Comparison and evaluation of all available technologies.
  4. Brainstorming and exploration of possible future biometric and authentication approach.

All course announcements, lecture slides, assignments, and projects will be made available on Piazza, please frequently check the site and contact the instructor if there is any question.

Background Requirements[edit]

This class will need a general background (and interest) in biometrics, cyber-physical security, and Internet-of-Things (IoTs).


Prof. Zhanpeng Jin
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Email: zjin at buffalo dot edu (preferred)


  • Lecture: 2:00 PM – 2:50 PM, Monday/Wednesday/Friday @NSC-215
  • Office Hours: 10:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM Friday @ Davis 336

Reading Materials[edit]

  1. When Good Becomes Evil --- Keystroke Inference with Smartwatch, CCS’15.
  2. Smartwatch-based Keystroke Inference Attacks and Context-Aware Protection Mechanisms, ASIACCS’16.
  3. Snooping Keystrokes with mm-level Audio Ranging on a Single Phone, MobiCom’15.
  4. An Efficient User Verification System via Mouse Movements, CCS’11.
  5. On Mouse Dynamics as a Behavioral Biometric for Authentication, ASIACCS’11.
  6. Continuous Authentication for Mouse Dynamics: A Pattern-Growth Approach, DSN’12.
  7. Keystroke Recognition Using WiFi Signals, MobiCom’15.
  8. When CSI Meets Public WiFi: Inferrring Your Mobile Phone Password via WiFi Signals, CCS’16.
  9. Emotion Recognition Using Wireless Signals, MobiCom’16.
  10. MasterPrint: Exploring the Vulnerability of Partial Fingerprint-Based Authentication Systems, TIFS’17.
  11. Open Set Fingerprint Spoof Detection Across Novel Fabrication Materials, TIFS’15.
  12. Fingerprint Spoof Buster: Use of Minutiae-Centered Patches, TIFS’18.
  13. Broken Hearted: How to Attack ECG Biometrics, NDSS’17.
  14. Cardiac Scan: A Non-Contact and Continuous Heart-based User Authentication System, MobiCom’17.
  15. Auth ‘n’ Scan: Opportunistic Photoplethysmography in Mobile Fingerprint Authentication, IMWUT’18.
  16. Brain Password: A Secure and Truly Cancelable Brain Biometrics for Smart Headwear, MobiSys’18.
  17. CEREBRE: A Novel Method for Very High Accuracy Event-Related Potential Biometric Identification, TIFS’16.
  18. Brain Waves for Automatic Biometric-Based User Recognition, TIFS’14.
  19. Vocal Resonance: Using Internal Body Voice for Wearable Authentication, IMWUT’18.
  20. BreathPrint: Breathing Acoustics-based User Authentication, MobiSys’17.
  21. BreathLive: Liveness Detection for Heart Sound Authentication with Deep Breathing, IMWUT’18.
  22. NoisePrint: Attack Detection Using Sensor and Process Noise Fingerprint in Cyber Physical Systems, ASIACCS’17.
  23. ABC: Enabling Smartphone Authentication with Built-in Camera, NDSS’18.
  24. AccelPrint: Imperfections of Accelerometers Make Smartphones Trackable, NDSS’14.
  25. TwistIn: Tangible Authentication of Smart Devices via Motion Co-analysis with a Smartwatch, IMWUT’18.
  26. BodyPrint: Biometric User Identification on Mobile Devices Using the Capacitive Touchscreen to Scan Body Parts, CHI’15.
  27. Characterizing Smartwatch Usage In the Wild, MobiSys’17.
  28. ActivPass: Your Daily Activity is Your Password, CHI’15.
  29. Ensembles of Deep LSTM Learners for Activity Recognition Using Wearables, IMWUT’17.
  30. Whose Move is it Anyway? Authenticating Smart Wearable Devices Using Unique Head Movement Patterns, PerCom’16.
  31. DolphinAttack: Inaudible Voice Commands, CCS’17.
  32. You Can Hear But You Cannot Steal: Defending against Voice Impersonation Attacks on Smartphones, ICDCS’17.
  33. Gyrophone: Recognizing Speech From Gyroscope Signals, USENIX SECURITY’14.