Li-Ion Golf Cart Batteries On Golf Cart

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Lithium iron phosphate batteries LiFePO4, are the perfect partner for that vital class accessory, the golf cart. They're a standard size and connect to existing wiring, so they're lighter than lead acid batteries and they will power the buggy for up to four times longer, producing perfect power performance on the fairway.

Efficiency of JB lithium ion battery for golf cart

lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer JB Li-ion batteries have four times the energy output of gel or lead batteries. They could hold their charge for up to a year and don't need any maintenance once fitted. Not only that but they may be billed in a portion of the period of traditional batteries. All of which means more time around the green (or in the 19th hole) with a golf cart lithium battery.

Reliable golf cart lithium batteries reduce money and time spent on maintenance and keep your buggies ready for use.

Best quality manufacturing processes and materials together with rigorous testing enable us to make a durable and resilient golf cart lithium ion battery. Even though we are sure you will not ever need it, Transporter Energy gives you a market top 10 year warranty which covers the battery for any manufacturing defects for up to 10 years, or 5000 cycles at 80% release, whichever is earlier.

The benefits of Lithium stem from the physical lightness weighing just 2.5kg when compared to a conventional SLA battery at over 10Kg. This lightness is an extreme benefit in and out of the vehicle, round after round.

Many Benefits of utilizing li-ion battery

Not only is the lightness a physical benefit, but the increased power/weight ratio of the entire immediately delivers extreme power on the course, up the steepest of hills and across the toughest of terrains. The truth is the combined weight of a golf using a Lithium battery is 55% lighter than a traditional SLA battery. As less weight is carried around the course, the longevity of the is increased exponentially.

The 2nd most compelling benefit of Lithium is the high energy density providing a slow loss of cost and most importantly battery longevity. You may expect to find a greater life expectancy than the 2 years manufacturer's warranty on the two Lithium batteries & charger.

Whether you're a casual golfer that enjoys a few rounds with friends on the weekend, or a amateur trying to challenge their abilities on a rugged course terrain, a lithium golf battery is the lightest, most compact and durable option on the market. Get li-ion battery out of JB Battery Spain It lets Spain to purchase straight from manufacturer of JB Battery.